One of my favorite parts of journalism is working on team projects to tell a larger, more comprehensive story. I love working around other talented people in the field and being able to contribute my own skills to a bigger project.

The Kaepernick Effect:
When San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started silently protesting the national anthem, it started a national conversation. But high school players were quietly taking notice, and sometimes mirroring him. Players at University High School in west Los Angeles may have been the first players in the nation to follow Kaepernick’s lead.
(Role: videographer)

Fault Lines: Race, Class & Education in Durham, NC
While the “school-to-prison pipeline” is a pressing issue, in Durham, North Carolina, it is closer to a maze. Zero-tolerance suspension policies are able to derail a student’s life and disproportionally affect minorities. While the community scrambles for solutions, those already affected look for ways to restart.
(Role: videographer and marketing director)

Living Galápagos:
The Galápagos Islands are known as a living laboratory, housing unique flora and fauna. But what about the people who live there? As the islands try to balance maintaining an economy based off tourism while preserving their unique environment, something has to give.
(Role: videographer)